01 Oct

How To Fix HTTP Error When Uploading Images To WordPress

When you upload featured images, videos and pdf in wordpress you get HTTP error so it means your WordPress website have HTTP error issue

So Here Is The Way To Fix HTTP Error When Uploading Images To WordPress

I know its very boring to fix errors every time but it’s good you can learn from it so I personally fix all errors my self

Follow below step to fix HTTP error when uploading images to WordPress

Method 1. Log in your cPanel and change your PHP version to 7.2 or 7.3 from MultiPHP Manager

and go to MultiPHP INI Editor and change your memory limit and upload limit to 250-500MB or you can increase your upload limit as you much want there is no issue but do not keep below 50mb

Sometimes method 1 will not work you can check error.log or you can try method 2

Method 2. Login to your WordPress dashboard and update all plugins and theme

if error not fixed please change your WordPress theme or you can contact us

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