01 Oct 2019

How To Create & Connect With FTP Account In CPanel

Every newbie cPanel user wants to know how to create and connect FTP account in cPanel with FileZilla. so let’s get start

it’s very easy to create an FTP account in cPanel please follow below step carefully


  • cPanel account
  • FileZilla

Step1. Please Download FileZilla Software For Pc So You Can Easily Connect With Your FTP Account

Step.2 Please Login To Your CPanel Account And Create An Ftp Account 

Step3. After Then Please Open FileZilla Software And Enter Your FTP Account Login Details Like Hostname, Port, Username And Password


Step.4 And Finally Click On Connect And Enter Your FTP Account Password

if you are Manza Bay user and facing any issue while connecting with ftp account please submit support ticket from here

01 Oct 2019

How To Reinstall WordPress Without Losing Data Step By Step

Reinstall WordPress without losing data Step By Step if your WordPress website hacked or infected with the virus

Reinstall WordPress Without Losing Data Step By Step


Step1. login to your cPanel account and download your WordPress website database from backup

Step2. Login to cPanel> File Manager > Public_html and download wp-config.php file

Step3. compress the wp-content folder and download


Step4. Now contact your hosting provider and format your full cPanel account ( do not submit a request if you don’t have your website backup )

after cPanel reset please log in to softaculous apps installer and reinstall your WordPress and restore your database, wp-config.php file and wp-content folder that’s it

01 Oct 2019

How To Reset WordPress Admin Password From PhpMyAdmin

Sometimes we forget our WordPress password and we don’t have any idea about how to reset the WordPress password.

But don’t worry here is the best way to reset any WordPress password in just 2 minutes

1. How To Reset WordPress Admin Or User Password From PhpMyAdmin?


Step1. Login to your cPanel account and open phpMyAdmin


Step2. Click on users table and select user ( which you want to reset password ) and then click on Edit 

Step3.  Now open WordPress password generator and generate your WordPress password hash


Step4. Copy hash and past in user_pass ( user table ) and click on Go



You have successfully changed WordPress password 😉

2. How To Reset WordPress Password Using A Username Or Email Id?


Step1. Go to WordPress password reset option and enter your username or mail id  and click on “Get New Password

Step2. Login to mail id which used to create WordPress account and check password reset email ( check spam folder )


3. How To Reset WordPress Password Using Softaculous Apps Installer?


Note: This method works only for those who already installed WordPress using softaculous apps installer


Step1. Login to cPanel and go to softaculous apps installer


Step2. Click on WordPress and check if you have installed WordPress in Current Installations

Step3. Click on the pencil icon and edit your details

Step4. Enter your username and the new password

Finally,click on save installation details

01 Oct 2019

How To Fix “Temporary Ad Serving Limit Placed On Your Adsense Account” Adsense Error

Adsense recently limited ad serving on many domains so

How to fix “Temporary ad serving limit placed on your Adsense account” Error

Remember do not give bot traffic to your website and do not buy traffic

Follow below step to fix Temporary ad serving limit placed on your Adsense account issue

Step1. Do not buy traffic from any source Adsense want quality traffic always

Step2. Do not share your website link in any facebook group or website which is not related to your website

Step3. If you are using Adwords or facebook ad service always target your niche traffic do not give any traffic to your website which is not related

Ad serving has been limited is Temporary so don’t worry if you received an email from Adsense

you can improve your website traffic quality.

01 Oct 2019

How To Fix HTTP Error When Uploading Images To WordPress

When you upload featured images, videos and pdf in wordpress you get HTTP error so it means your WordPress website have HTTP error issue

So Here Is The Way To Fix HTTP Error When Uploading Images To WordPress

I know its very boring to fix errors every time but it’s good you can learn from it so I personally fix all errors my self

Follow below step to fix HTTP error when uploading images to WordPress

Method 1. Log in your cPanel and change your PHP version to 7.2 or 7.3 from MultiPHP Manager

and go to MultiPHP INI Editor and change your memory limit and upload limit to 250-500MB or you can increase your upload limit as you much want there is no issue but do not keep below 50mb

Sometimes method 1 will not work you can check error.log or you can try method 2

Method 2. Login to your WordPress dashboard and update all plugins and theme

if error not fixed please change your WordPress theme or you can contact us

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